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Stores Operative
Salary: £8.95/hour Location: Droylsden, Manchester Hours: Full Time

Stores Operatives will be responsible for the handling and movement of all materials to and from both the raw materials and finished goods stores. The movement and location of materials will be controlled via hand held terminals (HHT’s) or a PC. Operatives will comfortably navigate around stores layouts having a clear understanding of the way physical location names are logically structured.

Goods Inward Processing and Put away -The transfer of materials from the loading bay to the goods inward area. Designated, trained operators will move bulky and heavy items using the fork lift truck. The processing of the receipt from suppliers using a PC to record the supplier advice note against the Elcometer purchase order number. The verification that the supplied quantity and part supplied are correct. The barcode labelling of received items. The booking of serialised and non-serialised parts ‘to stock’ via receipt entry using the company’s ERP system. The raising of any receipt irregularities or queries with the Materials Controller. The onward movement to inspection processing via HHT if required, or the onward movement to the specified raw materials location (putaway). The receipt of material returned from suppliers (RMA processing). The transfer of RMA materials to inspection. The receipt and booking of non-stocked items and the arrangement for the intended recipient to collect the items.
Kitting and Kanban -The picking of components for kits from defined locations using HHT’s. The kanban replenishment of shop floor locations using HHT’s. The use of vertical carousels (linpics) – programming and picking. The transfer of picked items to the correct shop floor locations.
Extraordinary Material Issue (The Hatch) -The issue of extraordinary material such as consumables and other materials on an ad hoc basis resulting from requests from the shop floor. Such requests will be politely discharged and the material move will be booked in the ERP system.
Machined Parts Movements -The transfer of parts using HHT’s from the machine shop output bins to the raw materials stores for putaway or finished goods for despatch to subcontractors. The processing and packing of machined parts to be shipped to subcontract.
Other Material Movements -The booking and storage of completed subassemblies transferred from the shop floor to the raw material stores. The transfer and booking of non-compliant or quarantined material to the DMR (Discrepant Material Review) location.
Perpetual Inventory (PI) Counting and Stock Taking
Finished Goods Putaway
Finished Goods Picking and Packing
General House Keeping & Health and safety

Material handling
Safe manual handling
Stores layout
Compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Health and Safety
Computing skills
Stock control systems
Use of hand held terminals (HHTs), Use of PC’s and label printers
The working hours will be 37.5 hours per week. Monday to Thursday – 8:00am to 4:30pm, with 30 minutes for a lunch break and Friday 8:00am to 1:30pm, with no lunch break.


The role will be temporary – up to 12 weeks.

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Latest vacancies Cover Management Recruitment