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Quality Engineer
Salary: TBC Location: Dukinfield Hours: Full Time

Reporting to the Board & GM.

Key responsibilities include:

Team member for APQP, and retaining the responsibilities for PPAP, ISR, IMDS as well as developing Customer specific requirements.
·UK Quality

·Customer Interaction when required.


·Continual Business Improvement

·FMEA/CP and Flow Chart development

UK Operational Projects
Responsibility for Health & Safety Matters (Risk assessments, Safe use of any equipment)
Any such duties as requested of you from your line manager.


Specific responsibilities relating to the role:

·Providing customers with full PPAP’s for new products

·Providing customers with annual PPAP’s for current products reviewed as required

·Checking and approving supplier PPAP’s

·Creating databases for various uses though out the company

·Maintaining PPAP database

·Maintaining customer specification database

·Maintaining product packaging database

·Reviewing and updating controls plans, FMEA, MSA studies

·Carrying out internal audits on various processes according to TS 16949

·Carrying out quality audit on suppliers if required

·Ensuring all gauges, jigs and measuring equipment is available and calibrated as required

·Handling customer complaints when required using 8D process/ 5 why / fishbone diagrams

·Actively involved with 5S audits

·Actively involved in projects using lean initiatives

·Team Leader of spill response teams

·Team Leader of PPE audits

·Checking w/o on shop floor

·Criteria sheets

·Customer Technical Log Updates

·Quality alerts

·S.O.P’s & W.I’s

·Update information on Nav

·Update the “Production” sheet on the Work Group Boards from the data in the BIP Ensure the “Safety” record has been updated by the H&S representative or manager – remind if necessary!


·Dock/Product Audits

·Environmental Audits

·Procedure Audits

·Process Audits

·Ensure re-work details are clearly stated and rework time recorded on red tag

·Carry out First Off inspections

·Check all Go/No Go templates against latest drawings- dimensions and tolerances correct?

·check drawing is correct

·Cutting: Ensure in-process checks are performed as per works order

·Ensure all raw materials in the production and storage areas are clearly marked with CS product code and batch at all times – raise any concerns and/or Red Tag.

·Ensure all Templates/Gauges and Master Samples in the production area are labelled – if not currently in use return to correct location.

·Ensure all WIP in the production and storage areas, are clearly marked with CS product code and batch at all times (yellow WO copies on knitting tubs, WO details on laminated sheets in loose tubs etc) – raise any concerns and /or Red Tag.

·Ensure production and storage areas are kept tidy and 6S is followed (everything in its place as marked, no pallets, old boxes, waste etc strewn around. No raw material, reject material amongst finished goods etc and all clearly marked) – raise any concerns and/or Red Tag (Complete Cell Audit sheets as required).

·Ensure that all running machines have a WO’s present, that the WO is complete (drawing, knitting spec present and correct for part), that the First Off inspection has been performed and that the necessary In-Process checks are being performed and recorded – raise any concerns

·Ensure that the works order instructions are being followed and the process performed according to the Standard Operating Procedure, Process Flow and Control Plan – raise any concerns where process is not followed or the documentation needs to be updated.

·Final Inspections

·Gather data: Details of complaint, batch, delivery date, identify material/supplier and obtain spec sheet.

·Initial Sample Reports

·Inward Inspection - Silicone, Firehalt & Needlemat

·Knitting Ensure in-process checks are performed as per works order and recorded on the check sheet

·Needle mat Process Improvement

·Production issues

·Red Tag and Non Conformance reporting and analysis

·Template go / no go labelling and log updates

·MSDS, Product Data Sheets & COSHH register


Knowledge and Skills

·Ability to work on own initiative

·Ability to work on your own or part of a team

·Keen eye for detail

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